What is Commonwealth?

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Here at Milestone, we are proud to partner with Commonwealth Financial Network in order to better meet your financial needs. This partnership allows us to access all of the best resources in the industry while remaining a small, private firm that values relationships and individualized financial services. But what is Commonwealth, exactly? Keep reading to find out what Commonwealth is and how we partner together.


What is Commonwealth Financial Network?


Commonwealth is our partner company – a back-office support system that helps provide us, as a small financial firm, with more tools and resources to help our clients.

Founded in 1979, Commonwealth serves over 2000 producing advisors. We love that Commonwealth is 100% owned and controlled by 11 managing principles. This gives them the freedom to function as an independent firm. Like Milestone, Commonwealth’s independence means that they don’t have to answers to shareholders, but are able to freely do what’s best for financial advisors (us), and in turn, our clients (you)!


How Milestone partners with Commonwealth


We believe that our partnership with Commonwealth allows us to better provide the best tools and services that we can offer to you, our clients. To us, the independent ownership of Commonwealth is of the utmost importance. This aligns with our values of providing you with independent financial advice. At Milestone, you come first – not shareholders.

Commonwealth is our registered investment adviser-broker/dealer. This means that they process transactions through Milestone on your behalf as a supervisor of our operations. This isn’t all though. Our partnership with Commonwealth allows us the opportunity to tap into an array of services and products to better meet your financial means.

Some of these include:

Investment choice.

Firstly, the range of investment products offered by Commonwealth gives us the freedom to help you make the best investment choices for your personal situation. We take into account your personal objectives, financial style, and risk tolerance when assessing the options available to you.

Responsive service.

Next, Commonwealth offers a 2:1 advisor-to-staff ratio. Their incredible, responsive service means that we can in turn respond to you with prompt, dedicated service.

Integrated technology.

Commonwealth uses a technology platform called Advisor360° in order to accurately and comprehensively view your financial situation. With this platform, we can quickly and efficiently manage your financial plan. In addition, you can be involved through the user-friendly client portal.


Commonwealth’s specialists are professionals with a range of experience in everything from estate planning to taxation to risk management and much more. These knowledgeable professionals help provide us with the most relevant and up-to-date information for your financial success.

Access to top management.

Though we pride ourselves on being a small, relationship-based firm, our partnership with Commonwealth allows us to access the resources that are typically available to much bigger, publicly-held firms. This means you have access to better, faster, and more informed decisions, with the feel and personal relationships that a small firm offers.

Business consulting.

Because of Commonwealth’s complementary in-house support, we’re able to manage our business more efficiently. This means we spend less time “running the business” and more time on you and your needs.

Compliance support.

In the financial world, regulations are constantly changing. Commonwealth provides us with the most relevant advice and guidance to stay in line with industry standards and regulations.


What we love about working with Commonwealth


At Milestone Wealth Management, our goal is to put your needs first. This is true whether you’re planning for retirement, managing a small business, making decisions about insurance, or working toward other financial milestones for your family. Our partnership with Commonwealth gives us access to incredible guidance, support, products, and other resources to better meet your needs and give you all of the best options available.

Because of our partnership with Commonwealth, we’re able to remain a small, private firm while also accessing all of the tools we need in order to help you reach your investment and financial milestones.

Ready to work with us? Just call today to schedule a meeting. We can’t wait to help you reach your financial goals.


This material is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified tax advisor, attorney, or accountant. Consultation with the appropriate professional should be done before any financial commitments regarding the issues related to the situations above are made.

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