Meet the Team Part 1 – Jaakko and Tyler

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We want to give you the opportunity to meet the Milestone Wealth Management team! Milestone is a small, independent financial firm that’s focused on helping our clients achieve their financial milestones and goals. As such, one of our top priorities is building relationships with our clients and getting to know your dreams and goals. When working in an area as important as finances, we understand that it’s important to know and trust your advisor, too. Learn more about us and meet the team in this post!


Meet Jaakko


Jaakko is our Private Wealth Advisor as well as the owner of Milestone Wealth Management. His duties primarily include providing advice to clients and making decisions regarding how to move the business forward. Jaakko has been working on the Milestone team for 6 years.

Jaakko has always been interested in the markets and psychology. For him, the financial industry just made sense! His favorite part of the job is meeting with clients.

During his time as an advisor, Jaakko has had the opportunity to see a lot of different ways of living and approaching finances. He appreciates how this has both helped him to build his own view of arranging financial life and priorities, and how it has helped him better understand and advise clients in a variety of different situations.

Jaakko lives with his wife Susan, his almost one-year-old son, two cats, and an Australian Shepherd. When he’s not working, he loves nearly any activity outdoors. Hunting, fishing, biking, snowboarding, hiking, kayaking – anything physically active outside will do!

After spending 5 years growing up in Thailand, Jaakko has a special appreciation for Thai food. He would also love to go back to South Africa to visit someday.


Meet Tyler



As a Financial Advisor, Tyler loves building relationships with clients and helping to guide them in the area of wealth management. During his past 3 years of working at Milestone, one piece of knowledge that especially stands out to Tyler is that retiring happy is not necessarily about how much money you’ve accumulated.

Tyler truly enjoys helping people, which is largely what prompted him to get into wealth management in the first place! After seeing people make mistakes in personal finance, he knew he wanted to help them through that journey. Before working in the financial sphere, Tyler was a teacher in Cedar Springs for ten years.

Tyler loves beef brisket and spending time outdoors biking, hiking, and skiing. Tyler lives with his wife and two kids, who are 13 and 10. In the future, he would love to travel to Sun Valley, ID.


Join us next time for “Meet the Team Part 2”!


In our next post, we’ll introduce you to Bobbie, our operations director, and Tasha, our administrative assistant. Join us then to meet the rest of the team!


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Thanks for getting to know us! As financial advisors, both Jaakko and Tyler have a passion for getting to know our clients and providing financial advice that sets you up for success.

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