12 Tips to Save Money this Summer

Jun 22, 2021 | All Posts, Blog | 0 comments

Happy summer!! The days are long, the sun is shining, and you can almost smell the chicken cooking on the grill. Wondering how you can enjoy summer to the fullest and save some cash at the same time? Don’t worry – these can go hand in hand. Here are our top 12 tips to save money this summer.

1. Find vacation discounts.

After a year of minimal traveling, airlines, hotels, and tourist spots are more than ready for summer vacationers. If you’re comfortable traveling, take advantage of the deals that are being offered to allure summer explorers. With a little searching, you’re bound to save some money on this summer’s vacation. Check out sites like Airbnb, Skyscanner, Megabus, Booking.com, and Kayak. Spending a little extra time on deal-searching could save you hundreds of dollars!

2. Pack your own food.

Whether you’re heading out for a family camping trip across the country or just a day at the lake, try planning some meals and snacks in advance. Take a trip to the grocery store and grab your own sandwich ingredients, drinks, and snacks. A little bit of planning and preparation can save you some major cash, especially if you have lots of mouths to feed.

3. Save $200-$400 by pausing your gym membership.

Summertime offers no shortage of opportunities to get your exercise. Instead of hitting the gym, go for a jog around your neighborhood, take a bike ride with your family, go swimming, or subscribe to a fitness channel on YouTube. You’ll still get a great workout in and get some fresh air in those lungs at the same time!

4. Do it yourself and save on repairs.

Instead of picking up the phone next time something in your home needs a basic repair, see if you can figure it out yourself. Get on the internet, watch some YouTube videos, and save some money while learning a new skill.

5. Conserve energy by running your A/C less.

Shutting inside doors is an easy way to save on cooling costs. Close off any rooms you’re not using and don’t need to cool. Avoid using your oven as often as possible. Instead, try making meals that don’t require long baking times, switch to the stove when possible, or utilize your grill and keep the heat outside.

6. Switch up your laundry routine.

This is another great way to save on electricity. Did you know that your clothes will still get clean in cold water? Switch your washing machine to the cold setting (especially for colored clothes). Instead of using your dryer all the time, set up a clothesline or hang some clothes on your deck. This works especially well for bigger items such as bedsheets or all those swim towels.

7. Save $50 or more per week by packing your lunch.

Even if you only pack your lunch one or two days a week, the savings will add up big. Making your own meals is not only cheaper, but usually healthier as well. Saving even $20-$30 per week on lunch can add up to $250-$400 over the course of the summer.

8. Grocery plan more and eat out less.

Summer is the perfect time to make special memories out of ordinary mealtimes. Instead of going out for dinner, plan a delicious meal on the grill. Skip the drive-thru and make a picnic lunch with the kids. Stop by the grocery store for a carton of ice cream and a box of cones instead of going out for ice cream.

9. Make some quick cash by cleaning out your house.

Summer is a great time to get rid of all the extra clothes, toys, and knick-knacks that you’re no longer using. Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, and threadUp are just a few of the tools you can use to sell your clothes and other items. If you have lots to clean out, have a garage sale, or combine items with a neighbor for an even bigger sale.

10. Save on gas and ride your bike.

If you live close to town, enjoy the warm weather by riding your bike to work or to wherever you need to go. You’ll save on gas and get some exercise at the same time!

11. Swap out babysitting with a friend.

Instead of hiring a babysitter, find a friend with kids and swap out date nights. You can watch their kids one week, and let them take yours the next. You’ll not only save money, but your kids will have a great time, too!

12. Save thousands by planning a staycation.

The average family vacation can cost anywhere from $1000-$5000, and often much more. Don’t feel obligated to take an extravagant family vacation every year. You can plan a great week with your family without venturing far from home. Go to a nearby beach, cook up some fancy meals at home, visit local restaurants, enjoy the zoo, take a nap, go camping nearby or in your backyard, or take a short road trip.

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