Milestone Wealth Management Welcomes New Team Member in Merger | Press Release

Feb 1, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

Milestone Wealth Management is eager to announce that after their recent merger with Dodds Wealth Management, they are also welcoming a new advisor to their team, Tyler Buitenwerf.

Tyler, who spent ten years in education prior to entering the financial services field, joins the 25-year-old company as a Staff Advisor. Tyler specializes in retirement funding and developing financial strategies to help pre-retirees maintain their current lifestyle.

“The very idea of what retirement looks like often varies between spouses. I work with those pre-retirement couples to solidify their mindset, to create a retirement scenario that works,” said Tyler. “Financial futures are always changing. I approach every client with a fresh palette and align the current financial situation with long-term goals.”

In addition to Tyler, the merger with Dodds Wealth Management welcomed Wealth Advisors Brett Dodds and Jaakko Kasko, as well as Operations Director, Bobbie Ehlers, to the Milestone team.

“Milestone continues to follow our vision of client focused goal achievement,” says Paul Spoelstra, founder of Milestone Wealth Management. “Tyler fits well within that vision, and we are pleased to have him join our team.”

We are excited for what the New Year will bring to Milestone. The broadening of our team means that each client will receive more comprehensive consulting that builds on the experience of each of our four advisors.

Milestone Wealth Management is an advisory business dedicated to serving other business owners and professionals. We are focused on your milestones, providing independent advice to figure out what you want and how you can get there. You set the milestone. We’ll help you reach it.

If you would like more information about our recent merger or new hire, please contact:

Paul Spoelstra, Wealth Advisor
4020 David Hwy, Saranac, MI 48881
Phone: (616) 642-9595

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